Dani Montoya
Daniela Montoya

Daniela was born in Medellin, Colombia. She began her dance training shortly after arriving in the United States at the age of 5, and has since then grown as an artist. Throughout her developmental years as an artist, Daniela focused on her dance training as a competitive dancer, attending and winning scholarships and awards at several conventions such as WCDE, NYCDA, Hollywood Vibe, Showbiz, Star Systems, and more. A former student of Amanda Tae, Daniela has taught at Focal Point Dance Studios choreographing and teaching recreational and company students alike.

Aside from teaching and choreographing, in 2012, Daniela moved to Manchester, UK, to attain her Masters in Visual Anthropology and follow her dreams of producing visual media for popular culture. Daniela’s master research thesis and mixed media work has been showcased in the Frost Museum of Art, MBUS Gallery, Pecha Kucha, and HOUR Manchester; among others. Since returning stateside early 2014, Daniela has started her own production and creative media services company titled Dani Brand. Dani Brand has been inspired through her work in the arts and aims to help creative entrepreneurs with their ideas and small businesses. Daniela credits her rigorous dance training as the foundation of her creative eye and wishes to instill creativity, self love, passion, and persistence in the minds of her students.