Ilissa Marti-Ruiz
Ilissa Ruiz

Ilissa was born in New Jersey and began her dance training at the age of three at Oneida’s Dance Studio, studying ballet, flamenco, tap, jazz, musical theatre, hiphop, lyrical, and salsa. She completed the Dance Educators of America Medallion Testing Program in ballet dance with high honors. Ilissa has performed for Univision and the New Jersey Network. She was a member of TG Gordon Dance Company and studied abroad program in Spanish culture and flamenco dance in Madrid, Spain. In 2005, Ilissa began her own company offering services as a choreographer and master of ceremony for Quinceañeras and Sweet Sixteen’s, which she still actively operates today. She is also a member of the Zumba® Instructor Network, and has organized several fitness fundraisers for the March of Dimes in honor of her daughter, Aliana. In 2011, Ilissa relocated to Miami, Florida, and joined the Focal Point Faculty initiating the Flamenco Program and Zumba® classes at Focal Point Dance Studios. She is very happy to have obtained a position as a dance instructor at such a prestigious studio, hoping to contribute to its continued success and the enrichment of its students.