Jeanine Sanchez
Jeanine Sanchez - Headshot 1

Jeanine’s love for dance was discovered the very first time she set foot on stage. Growing up surrounded by the arts in an incredibly loving and supportive family has allowed her to develop her talents and become an artist. As a graduate of the New World School of the Arts, she was a member of a highly ranked company which attended various conferences and conventions, as well as, competed in national and international competitions such as Dance Masters of America. The company also danced at many charity events to benefit organizations such as the American Cancer Society and the EDGE Foundation.

Jeanine was awarded a full scholarship to attend NYU’s TISH program for dance and she had the opportunity to perform with STOMP and several other local companies. Upon returning to South Florida, it was clear that her incredible journey and devotion was to be shared and used to inspire others in pursuit of their own dreams. As a teacher, Jeanine’s top priority is to build a foundation of creative confidence in her students, giving them the ability to perfect their technique and follow their passion.

Throughout her years, Jeanine has been blessed with the honor of studying, performing, and collaborating with some of the highest esteemed dancers and choreographers in the world, such as Laurie Ann Gibson, Christopher Jones, and Mia Michaels. Even with all of the amazing experiences, honors, and privilege she has had, dancing beside extraordinary artists and the joy of watching her students achieve their own remarkable aspirations, nothing holds a candle to the inexpressible happiness she feels when she shares the stage with her daughter, Adriana.