Renée Mansur-Cornette


Renée Mansur-Cornette (born of Lebanese, Italian and Dutch descent) was born in Brooklyn, New York. At the age of five, she began her dance training in ballet, tap and jazz. In 1990, her family relocated to Miami, Florida. It was not until Renée graduated high-school that she began taking belly dance classes at the prestigious Mid-Eastern Dance Exchange led by world renowned teacher, Tamalyn Dallal. She immediately fell in love with this form of dance, bringing her closer to her Lebanese heritage, and has continued her training in it ever since. After training at the Mid-Eastern Dance Exchange, she went on to join professional dance troupe “Ishtah” under the direction of another world renowned instructor, Samay. After several years with the company, and guest appearances in several other companies, Renée went out on her own. She was one of the first to have a professional children’s performing company “Amirah”, which won countless awards in competitions, along with a professional adult company “Renée wa Alimah”.

Renée has taken many workshops and classes in her over 20 years of belly dancing including teachers from all over the world – Raquia Hassan, Horacio and Beata Cifuentes, Tito, Aladdin, Ansuya, Jillina, Virginia, Jihan Jamal, and Bozenka, just to name a few. Having a wide array of teachers and mentors has led Renée not only to have excellent dance movements, but skills using Middle Eastern dance props as well; including veil, candelabra, sword, cane, fans, tambourine, dumbek, and wings. However, she is best known for her exceptional ability to play Zagat (finger cymbals). She has performed, and continues to perform, in theatre shows, galas, charity events, television, private parties, and even for some famous faces including Saudi Arabian Royalty. In addition, Renée danced in the award winning Mediterranean restaurant “Maroosh” for over 15 years.

She has taken everything she has learned and has developed a belly dance style of her own. Renée is a professional belly dance instructor, performer, and choreographer in the South Florida area. She has become well known for her award winning, innovative choreographies and her ability to teach young children this wonderful art form. She provides an energetic class, teaching not only movements, but the history behind them as well. In addition to dance, Renée has a Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Miami in Graphic Design and Illustration. She is also the proud mother of two children.